Survey Design Webinar: Proven Methodologies for Surveys that Work
Wednesday, September 28, 11AM PDT
Duration: 45 minutes

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Powerful, sophisticated, and usable tools are essential to accomplishing business objectives and performing key tasks in allowing for an organization’s continued success. However, even with a robust tool, without a solid foundation in question design and best survey practices, the opportunities for critical insights become lost.

Instead, what is required to drive even the most usable products is a completely sound comprehension of best practices to serve as guideposts for users, including:

    •  - Identifying the Need - Why do You Want to Run a Survey
    • - How to Design a Survey that Does What You Want
    • - Turning Goals Into Real Survey Questions
    • - Collecting Answers to Your Carefully Crafted Questions
    • - Turning Resources into Insightful Data

Join us for a webinar on September 28th as we discuss exactly how to make sure these practices and design cornerstones are working to power your business!
About The Speakers
Anup Surendran
Vice President, Product & Engineering, QuestionPro

Anup has served fortune 500 companies for over 15 years in various aspects of solution and product architecture delivering high quality experiences. Some of the more notable clients he has delivered services for are: Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Fairfax Financial Holdings, Canadian Pacific Railways, Dominion Resources, and Thales Group.

Now Anup heads up Product, Product Marketing and Solution Architecture at QuestionPro and his mantra is to 'empower' businesses and their key stakeholders by providing 'awesome' client solutions and products.

Greg Timpany
Senior Research Director, Global Knowledge

Greg is senior-level insights and analytics professional with a background in the nexus between the structured world of IT and the customer-centric domain of marketing.

Greg possess specific skills in marketing research  - primary and secondary, marketing applications of 'Big Data', marketing analytics and strategy development for both acquisition and customer retention.

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