Remote employee engagement: 4 ways to tap into employee ideas
  • Jam-1
    Jamie Notter
    Founding Partner
    Human Workplaces
  • Anup-1
    Anup Surendran
    VP - Product

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Wednesday, June 17th 11:00 AM (CST)


We’re all working remotely now—but is it working? If you simply transplant the way you did things in the office to the remote environment, it’s going to cause friction, and results will start to suffer, conflicts and miscommunications will arise, and progress will slow because of it.

In this webinar, we’ll share specific adjustments you can make to your remote work environment to help it run more smoothly.

What you'll learn
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  • Areas that will have the biggest impact on the shift to remote work
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  • Specific adjustments to make your remote work environment smooth
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  • Increase passive transparency
  • doneUse your engagement portal to build an idea board