Thursday, April 29th, 2021 | 11:00 CT

AutoX in 2021 - OEM's Using Data to Move Forward

In 2020, automakers and the dealers underwent a radical transformation. 

However, small boosts in stimulus packages and more recently tax filings are helping this industry to recover.  While full recovery is still a few years away, changes are being made to the experience across the board: CX, EX and VX. 

Join us as we speak with industry veteran Dave Girolamo from Enprecis Group about these changes.  

Your key takeaways:
  • Why are CX scores at dealerships going up?
  • What changes are manufacturers anticipating in their businesses?
  • How will the dealership Experience change permanently and how can that apply to your CX?

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Ken Peterson-2

Ken Peterson

President, CX

Ken Peterson has over two decades of experience in the marketing research, retail, technology, hopsitality and transportation industries with a recent focus on Big Data Business Insights, and SaaS deployments. This ties in with his long history of P&L responsibility and detailed understanding of improving business operations. He has had the privilege of helping clients in retail, hospitality, technology, travel, sports and media better understand how to make use of the vast quantities of data that is now available, but often underutilized and misinterpreted. He enjoys delivering relevant insights, fact-based execution and bottom-line results.


Dave Girolamo

AutoX, Director of Analytics

Dave is an automotive quality professional with over 19 years of experience integrating technology and statistics to create predictive models that support innovative design and lean manufacturing practices. His expertise has helped automobile manufacturers achieve multiple high-profile quality awards and streamline processes for optimal efficiency. His many years working directly with top automakers ensures that Enprecis Group’s technological innovations are developed with the day-to-day activities of quality and design engineers in mind.