Advanced Survey Training - Keys to Success Series
, September 27th @ 11AM (PDT)
Duration: 45 minutes

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Qualitative Research on QuestionPro

We all love reading comments and hearing feedback in our marketing research studies, right? How we collect this information is critical in rounding out our insights projects. Historically, qualitative research studies tend to be more expensive and difficult to comprehend when making business decisions. My oh my, how the times have changed! Now, market researchers are able to provide useful qualitative data for better business decisions to their current practice without breaking the bank.

Join us on Thursday, September 28th, where you will gain easy-to-use best practices and tricks that will help you get started with incorporating qualitative research components to your current online research methods.

We'll discuss:

  • Examples of qualitative research studies
  • Best qualitative studies to run online vs. live
  • Tools from QuestionPro that make it easy to incorporate qualitative components to your research
  • Qualitative analytics and how to best present data to be used for making business decisions

 The training session will be 45-minutes and will include a 10-minute Q&A.


About our Advanced Survey Training - Keys to Success Series

This monthly training series will teach effective and advanced survey techniques. In each training, we will cover different topics and details on how the QuestionPro platform can address key insights through explorations of popular use cases and best practices.

If there are specific tools or products on QuestionPro you are curious about or would like to suggest insights topics for us to explore, we invite you to provide feedback here.

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